Design and construction of a solar power plant is a highly specialized and time-consuming process requiring investment and employment of sector-specific experts. In case the main activity of a company is not related to renewable energetics, then there are two options:

  • the first one is to establish the appropriate department which is certainly very costly
  • while the second option implies resorting to outsourcing and entrusting the work to sector-specific professionals

Ekotechnik company provides outsourcing services in the field of designing industrial solar power plants.

We are professionally engaged in the implementation of different-scale solar energetics projects both in the private and industrial sector, while doing our best to promote renewable energetics in Ukraine.

Years of experience in the renewable energetics sector resulting in effective and profitable operation of power facilities all across the country evidence our professionalism and expertness in this field.

Solving problems for your business

In case solar energetics is a contributory or an auxiliary kind of your business activity, you might want not to spend too much time and money on the global financing and development in this field. Entrust performance of specialized work to Ekotechnik and gain ready-made solutions customized for your business and production processes.