1. Select a product and add it to the Shopping Cart

To do this, click on the green Buy button in the window showing your desired product or a service. If necessary, add other products to the shopping cart in the same manner.

Select a product

2. Go to the Shopping Cart

Navigate to the upper right corner of the page and click on the Shopping Cart button next to which the number of the goods contained therein will be shown.

Go to the Shopping Cart

3. Check names of the goods and their quantity in the Shopping Cart

The page displays all the items you have added. Adjust their number by entering the desired value in the appropriate box.

Check names

You will see the total amount of the order in the Shopping Cart. If the quantity of the goods is changed, the amount is automatically recalculated.

4. Place your order

Click on the Place Order button and proceed to the order placement procedure.

Step one – fill in the Contact section fields; enter the recipient's name, phone number and shipping address. Click on the Continue button.

Place your order

Step two – select the most convenient delivery method:

  • courier delivery in Kyiv
  • pickup from warehouse
  • New Poshta courier delivery all over Ukraine

select the most convenient delivery method

Step three – select payment method:

  • Bank transfer – upon selecting this method an invoice for payment will be generated
  • Cash payment

select payment method

Click on the Continue button. Your order has been placed!

5. Check details

Should you have any questions about the order, we will gladly answer them. Please contact us by phone or send an e-mail specifying the order number and your questions.


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