Ekotechnik – an official BAYO.S partner

With a view to ensure maximum reliability and durability of solar power plants, Ekotechnik company engaged in cooperation with BAYO.S.

  • A European company BAYO.S is the leader in development and production of ground anchors used to create foundations for different structures. To manufacture anchors, the company uses high quality raw material providing for the structure durability. The geo-screws from BAYO.S securely hold any modular design structures rendered flexible and adjustable to different terrains and features of various soil layers.

BAYO.S uses innovative bayonet coupling in the structure of anchors, thus providing for the opportunity of their further extending and significantly increasing their load-bearing capacity.

The foundation of any structure determines its strength, reliability and efficiency, with solar power plants being no exception. That is exactly why Ekotechnik cooperates with BAYO.S – a manufacturer offering the most efficient and reliable solutions in the industry.

Solar power plants from Ekotechnik with BAYO.S geo-screws used in the foundation are durable, safe and highly-productive solar systems that will serve you for many years.


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