«Ekotechnik» сompany has registered its own trademark

Our company is constantly committed to develop and improve the customer service performance. But we also care about its image and strive to build a recognizable brand in the solar industry.

Now we have registered our official trademark and became one step closer to the goal!

What does it change?

  • "Ekotechnik" сompany has the exclusive right to use its own trade mark.
  • All products and services will be produced under the same trademark.
  • "Ekotechnik" сompany has the right to fully control, permit or prohibit the use of its own trademark on the labels and packaging of the goods, in the advertising, on the Internet, at works performance or services provision.

And still not much has changed for our customers - the quality of goods and services are continue to be held at a high level as before. But now they are produced under "Ekotechnik" trademark that raises recognition of the company and provides a guarantee for the quality of our products and services.

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