Businesses of any size, ranging from a small farm to an enterprise with a staff of 5,000 people, seek to maximize profits as well as to increase production efficiency and reduce costs. There are many cost-saving methods: from savings on production resources to labour cost reduction.

The main problems faced by a business on the way of cost-saving comprise the following:

  • remoteness of many attractive business sites from urban power grids
  • a steady growth of energy prices

In such circumstances, the issue of a more rational use of resources and opportunities to attract alternative energy sources grows ever more pressing.

Solar stations for manufacturing plants

Use of solar energy to generate electric power is one of the most effective solutions for business development. However, the most optimal and reliable energy supply system for large facilities is always dependant on the general power supply network in order to provide energy supply both in night-time and during cold periods. A solution to this dependence problem for facilities remote from the urban power grids is offered by hybrid plants.

A hybrid plant complex implies combining solar energy (a photovoltaic system) with another source of electric power generation. Quite often, solar power systems are connected to those using energy of wind, gas and so on. One of the most popular solutions is the so-called PV Diesel hybrid system combining diesel generators with solar panels.

Hybrid PV-Diesel plant: operation principle

The major share of electric power is produced by photovoltaic cells of solar batteries. Diesel generators in the system act as auxiliary components that fill the 'gaps' occurring when current load exceeds output power generated by solar panels. Thus, exactly the diesel generators ensure full autonomy of the system.

Ekotechnik company offers hybrid PV-Diesel-solutions in the field of solar energetics. We both provide support and implement projects from the stage of planning to facility commissioning as well as offer further technical support. Each project is modeled and designed on an individual basis for your business with consideration of your basic needs.