Solar power plants offer a real opportunity to gain access to an inexhaustible source of energy.

Annually, the Earth absorbs about 1 billion terawatt-hours of solar energy while reflecting the same amount back into space. The annual production of electricity in the world makes only 2 hundredths of that number, whereas the harm done thereby is disproportionate. Traditional methods of producing electricity are laborious, expensive and harmful to the environment.

SPP advantages are obvious: a single investment that pays off over the next 10 years, and even earlier, grants you access to an inexhaustible energy source and allows you not only to cut costs, but also to gain profits! This practice is widespread in Germany, Italy, Spain, USA.

Home Solutions

A solar power plant of your own saves you from energy dependence and recurring problems with power supply. No more blackouts, voltage surges and dumb-founding electricity bills.

  • An autonomous SPP allows to gain total independence from public power networks. Its structure comprises a unit of batteries accumulating energy and feeding it when the system needs stabilizing.
  • A networking SPP is an option for buildings already connected to the electric mains. It converts solar energy and supplies the whole building, whereas when the sun goes down or the solar power amount is insufficient, extra electricity starts flowing from the public network.

Industry solutions

Use Ukraine’s territory prospects in solar energetics for the benefit of your business. Every company needs stable power supply for proper operation. However, power supply eats a huge portion of the budget that can be compensated only by the rising prime cost of manufactured goods. A solar power plant can improve business profitability and help achieve total energy independence of the enterprise.

  • A SPP to produce energy for sale or power supply of the enterprise can be installed on the ground, on the building’s roof or facade.

Ekotechnik company offers solar power plants of various types and capacities for home and business. Our experts will analyze your home or business need for electricity and offer the best solution for ensuring your energy independence.