Technological progress and renewable energetics development provide us with ever more opportunities to use electric power harmless to the surrounding environment for supplying homes with electricity and meeting household needs. Thus, one of the most popular uses of solar energy in the private sector is water heating by the sun.

  • The heating is provided by photovoltaic panels: the photovoltaic elements of which they consist convert solar energy into electric current, which heats the water in the reservoir. This method is cost-effective, as owners of such water heaters no longer need to pay heavy hot water bills.

The system of water heating by the Sun is a hybrid plant consisting of a solar (photovoltaic) panel and a water heater. The technology envisaging heating coil connection directly to the panel allows avoiding heat losses, thus rendering the system even more profitable and productive.

Characteristics of a hybrid solar system for water heating:

  • ease of installation and operation: the low weight of photovoltaic panels allows placing them almost anywhere
  • the option of changing layout of the panels
  • environmental friendliness: the hybrid water heaters use solar energy, which is renewable and completely eco-friendly

Ekotechnik offers turnkey solutions for preliminary and final water heating in the heat and water supply systems. Our experts will gladly carry out an audit of your energy consumption for water heating and offer you the most optimal and cost-effective system.