Use of the solar potential in our country territory by means of solar power plants can vary. Solar energy can be used as the main and only source of electricity supply: for this purpose standalone SPPs are installed, which actually require no network connection. This proves efficient in the case when a house or an enterprise is located remotely from power lines with network extending thereto being either impossible or economically inexpedient.

Also, a solar power plant can become a major but not the only source of power supply to a building. This option is provided by a networking solar power plant.

Savings principle

A networking solar power plant is installed to provide power supply to a house and for selling excess energy to the public network. While autonomous systems use accumulators for the sake of ‘insurance’ that accumulate energy, the networking plants use public network as an auxiliary power source. This option is especially favorable for homes, households and businesses already connected to the electric mains.

The cost-effectiveness of using such a system is absolutely obvious:

  • during the day energy is fed from solar panels with meters of power consumption from the public network remaining ‘inactive’
  • whereas at night the electricity arrives from the network and billing is done at the night tariff, which is much more cost-effective than the daytime one (for this, you will need a multi-tariff meter)

In case you do not use electricity at night, then the network will be used as a backup power source on cloudy days. In any case, the electricity bills for power received from the network will be just miserable, while you will be paid a substantial amount for the electricity sold to the network.

Networking SPPs in Ukraine

Spreading of solar energy consumption in Ukraine is quite natural, as in our latitude it is possible to obtain enough solar energy to power both homes and businesses. Ever more people use it for gaining energy independence from the state, as well as economic stability, which is often disturbed by various fluctuations in the market of traditional resources.

We offer networking solar power plants for homes and businesses. You can select an offer suitable to you, or turn for assistance to our experts.

They will assess your need for electric power, analyze all the source data and offer you the most efficient system saving you from power supply problems and heavy bills.