History tells us that people have realized the energy potential of the Sun much earlier than we could possibly imagine. Further on, we suggest you read both about this and other facts about solar energy.

  1. The principle of a modern solar power plant operation is based on the photoelectric effect in the electrolyte (electric current generation under exposure to light) discovered in 1839 by the French physicist Alexandre Becquerel.
  2. Solar energy was used back in year 1 AD, as people used glass lenses to focus the sunrays and produce fire.
  3. In 1515, the inventor Leonardo da Vinci made drawings of a huge parabolic mirror to be used for supplying heat to factory boilers by accumulating and reflecting solar energy.
  4. The distance from the Sun to Earth amounting to 150 million kilometres is travelled by sunlight at a speed of 300 kilometres per second in just 8 minutes.
  5. When sunlight is converted into energy, electric power in the amount exceeding that used by all the people in a year arrives to Earth during an hour.
  6. The fastest growth of the solar energy market is observed in sunny countries currently using no electricity. These are the most promising regions for the solar energetics development.
  7. Experts of the well-known fuel producer Shell forecast that 50% of the world's energy will be generated precisely from alternative sources by 2040.
  8. The first experimental attempts to produce solar energy using solar cells commenced in the 1950s, whereas by 1958 the solar cells were already efficiently used in space. As for Earth, the development of solar energetics was prompted by the energy crisis, as the whole world faced the problem of mineral resources depletion.
  9. Solar energetics is an alternative option, while also applied in generating other kinds of alternative energy. For example, solar energy is used to derive chemical fuel from hydrogen.