Ukrainians are granted the right to install household SPPs

Before 2014, solar energetics in Ukraine has been only developing in the commercial sector, which is actually typical of any country to which introduction of innovations appears to be a hard process. However, changes introduced to the Law of Ukraine "On Electric Power Industry" as of January 1, 2014, proved to be the key point in solar energetics development, since they granted permission for constructing household solar power plants.

What are the changes about?

  • First of all, the ‘green tariff’ for industrial SPPs was reduced as expected, since the Ukrainian tariff had several-fold exceeded that of the developed countries (compare: 47 euro cents in Ukraine and 19 euro cents or less in Germany).
  • Secondly, it was expected that a certain privilege would be introduced for alternative energetics facilities with specific pieces of their equipment made in Ukraine. The change was made but soon cancelled, so now solar panels produced in any country can safely be used.
  • However, the main changes had to deal with the use of solar energy in households. Now, any Ukrainian can install a SPP on the land plot or even on the roof of the house for meeting own household power supply needs. Moreover, the SPP owners may connect it to the public network and sell excess power to the state at the ‘green tariff’.

Key information

It is important for household SPP owners to know the following about the changes introduced to the Law of Ukraine "On Electric Power Industry" in 2014 and 2015:

  • Before June 2015 the permissible capacity of a household SPP was 10 kW. After introduction of changes to the legislation, the capacity was has been increased to 30 kW.
  • No licenses are required for installing a household SPP.
  • The difference between generated and consumed electric power is fed into the public network, with payment for the power sold made at a privileged ‘green tariff’.
  • The ‘green tariff’ rate is now dependent on the euro exchange rate. In 2015 it amounted to 20 euro cents/1 kWh, whereas in 2016 makes 19 euro cents/1 kWh.
  • Reduction of the privileged ‘green tariff’ rate to 18 euro cents/1 kWh is planned to be implemented during the next three years.

In recent years, the cost of solar panels has dropped considerably, actually allowing to ‘publicize’ solar energy and use the inexhaustible source of energy not only for commercial purposes, but also for supplying power to private households. Many Ukrainians already use the new opportunity and install household SPPs on the roofs of their homes, while some people even construct the plants themselves using makeshift means.

In any case, the solar potential of Ukraine is very high and ignoring the opportunity of developing it would have been a crime. Let us hope that the government will keep consistently promoting solar energetics development in the private sector, because this not only enables every single household SPP owner to save costs, but also contributes to reducing energy dependence of Ukraine.

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