The gradual reduction in price of equipment for solar power plants and a positive experience in the use of solar energy by developed countries have created favorable conditions for the solar energetics development in Ukraine. The solar potential of our country is strong enough providing use with a real opportunity to at least partially get rid of energy dependence and attract investment capital in the sector.

All the above contributed to the fact that currently solar energetics in Ukraine is available not only for large-scale industrial or business giants investing millions of US dollars in the innovative development of their corporations, but also for both small and medium-sized businesses.

In the agricultural sector, alternative energetics becomes a profitable segment for investment as well as a reliable tool for the optimization of business processes and developing new kinds of activity.

Use of solar panels in agriculture

Contemporary practice of generating electric power for agricultural purposes is not yet vast, but still slowly growing. Progressive farmers are already using solar panels for the following:

  • power supply to livestock farms
  • maintenance of equipment
  • maintaining required temperature in cattle premises
  • ‘electroshepherd’ system power supply
  • use of power tools in plant breeding and beekeeping
  • water supply systems

The use of solar energy in agriculture will contribute to ensuring a greater stability of the agricultural sector. This applies to both the system in general and to each farm separately, since agricultural enterprises as well as any other operate for the sake of profits, and therefore optimization is important not only from production point of view, but also from the economic standpoint.

SPP benefits for agricultural enterprises

  • Autonomy option. A solar power plant makes it possible to supply electric power to enterprises located remotely from the public network, and therefore allows farmers to work in any economically attractive areas.
  • Profits due to the ‘green tariff’ plan. Upon executing the necessary documentation, each owner of an agricultural enterprise can gain profits by selling electricity to the network and invest the proceeds in business development.
  • Minimum maintenance. Agricultural business is an activity requiring constant work. At such an enterprise, whether a small farm or a large household there is always a lot of work to be done and extra chores are just not needed. Solar power plants require minimum attendance and the service team can consist of just a few people.
  • Flexibility. There is always a possibility to adjust operation of the plant: to use it for sale of electricity, power supply to own business, or both.

Project implementation

Ekotechnik company is engaged in construction of solar power plants and sales of SPP equipment under its own brand. Our experts will gladly assess your needs, analyze the source data and offer you the best solar energetics solution for an agricultural enterprise.

In case your business in the agricultural sector has certain key features and differences, we will develop a customized solar power plant project fully optimized for your enterprise.