Using of solar energy in modern life

Life on the planet was born and exists in the form familiar to us thanks to the sun. Energy does not appear out of nowhere, it does not disappear without a trace. People have learned to use a variety of natural resources such as coke, oil and gas, and process them in easy-to-use view - light and heat. Oil, gas and coal - it dries out the energy sources that will sooner or later run out. Therefore, more attention is paid to alternative energy sources (air mass, water, geothermal and so on. D.). And the most affordable, powerful and important - solar energy (photons).

The future of humanity for solar energy

Solar energy refers to renewable sources. This means that its supply is replenished without the participation of people in a natural way.

The use of solar energy in the world is safe and does not harm the environment. Ways to use this resource is unlimited.

In one second, the sun provides the Earth billions of kilowatts of power, which is significantly more than the capacity of all power plants of the planet combined. Stocks of coal and oil is rapidly being depleted, so for the future of solar energy. Nuclear power is taking place, but experience shows that it is very dangerous to civilization as a whole.

Passive ways of converting the sun's energy

The photons are converted to heat and light by means of passive or active power grid. Passive methods of transformation rather primitive, they work through accumulation. However developed and more advanced techniques - materials that absorb sunlight and use it for space heating, the building itself becomes a cumulative solar power station.

Collector - the most simple method of energy use

Since solar energy is a stream of photons, for the conversion into heat or light, it is necessary to absorb and accumulate.

Collectors - this is one of the types of active systems. Solar collectors can be used in agriculture, in industry and in everyday life.

The main operating component of the collector plate is insulating. They are made of any thermally conductive materials. The sun's rays pass through the plate and then air stream (with or without using a fan) are pushed into the room, heating it. The collector can be built in ventilation or heating system.

Solar panels: efficient, long and inexpensive

Another effective method of producing light and heat are solar panels. Structure is a set of modules which convert and accumulate the energy of the photons. These batteries are called photovoltaic devices.

Unlike other devices for processing solar energy, batteries have a number of distinguishing features:

  • batteries generate energy throughout the daylight hours, including on cloudy days;
  • design is very simple;
  • installation takes a minimum of time;
  • service life is quite large;;
  • it requires little or no maintenance (important simply remove accumulated dust from the panel surface).

Sun - is a quiet, safe and cheap source of energy. Using solar energy is not necessary to pay for the oil / coal resource transportation, and others. The only thing that you need to pay, so it is a device for converting photons into electricity..

The advantages of using solar energy in everyday conditions

The use of solar energy in the home has a number of advantages:

  1. In the transition to solar energy sources, such as solar panels, owners of private homes immediately feel as cheap. The savings compared to the traditional energy supply simply colossal.
  2. Use the battery can be anywhere. It is quite convenient for residents of regions where there is no connection to the central system of power supply, or often lost electricity.
  3. Power generation silent. Systems have no moving parts.
  4. Solar energy is renewable and constant, and the potential is huge. Every minute, the entire surface of the planet is illuminated by sunlight, and hundreds of thousands of terawatts.

Sales of modern solar power

The scope of production is constantly being improved. And at the moment the company Ekotehnika You can buy solar panels in Ukraine, compact and thin.

This is a profitable investment in the future, because the setting once the solar panels do not need to pay electricity bills. With the depletion of traditional energy sources, their value will rise, and the sunlight will illuminate the earth forever.

In Ekotehnika can buy network and stand-alone solar power. If you live in the northern regions, where the sun is not intense, the optimal solution - the network station. Autonomous power plant are used not only at home, but also are used for household purposes.

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