Water heating by the Sun is a cost-effective choice for both domestic and business needs. A solar water heater is called a solar collector while being a passive unit for thermal energy collection.

A predecessor of modern solar cells, the solar collector uses water to produce electricity. At that, during collector's operation the water is heated sufficiently to provide hot water supply to a facility as a whole. Solar panels are currently used to collect solar energy and generate electricity directly from sunlight, but the solar collectors are still relevant while being used for heat supply of premises by heating water.

Solar collector types

Flat-plate type: shaped as a glass-enclosed frame with heat-absorbing tubes holding water or antifreeze fluid fixed beneath.

The main advantages of flat-plate collectors:

  • high performance under hot and warm climate conditions
  • easy cleaning after downtime
  • low cost of equipment

Vacuum type: this type collectors comprise a set of copper tubes, each of those equipped with own insulation. Actually, the vacuum here acts as an insulating material. With a very low thermal conductivity, it reduces heat loss to a minimum.

  • Seasonal or passive: such collectors are only suitable for seasonal use, as they are not equipped with heat-carrier anti-freeze protective means, while consisting of the collecting part itself and a water reservoir.
  • All-season or active: suitable for year-round use on account of the electrical reheating function and capability to provide the necessary water temperature on both cloudy days and in winter.

Advantages of vacuum type collectors:

  • suitable for water heating and generating electricity in temperate latitudes and under cold climate conditions
  • high efficiency factor and low heat losses
  • reliability and stability: such a system is immune to rain, hail and heavy winds

The choice is yours

Analyze all the source data and make a choice in favor of the system most suitable for your environment.

  • For example, flat-plate collectors prove to be an excellent solution for hot water supply purposes at cottages and seasonal facilities idling during the cold season.
  • A vacuum collector is suitable for buildings, households and businesses requiring all year round supply.

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