Implementation of large-scale renewable energetics projects often implies the need to carry out development activities aimed at increase investment attractiveness and readiness of a land plot for use. As a whole, development implies search for a suitable site, registration of necessary documents and complete site preparation for the solar plant construction.

Surprisingly, the most difficult stage of the development process does not comprise site search and its quality improvement. Quite often problems arise when registering documents of title or the right to use. In our country, all procedures related to land are extremely bureaucratic, while the industry itself is governed by a large number of laws and regulations, therefore the probability of making a mistake or missing some nuance while executing the set of documents is quite high.

This process grows of special importance when implementation of a renewable energetics project attracts both domestic and foreign investment, which is not uncommon in Ukraine. An audit of the site after development significantly increases its investment attractiveness while also reducing risks, thereby rendering the project more reliable in terms of investment.

Who should be doing this?

Development activities are carried out by specialized companies that benefit from improving market status of land plots and real estate. That is, in fact you can turn to a third party for entrusting performance of this work. However, for those not willing to divide responsibilities between different companies, Ekotechnik offers land plot development services.

We purposely include development to the list of our services in order to provide our customers with the opportunity of immediately receiving the full cycle of work on a solar energetics project. The experience of our specialists in the industry enables us to properly execute the complete set of documents as well as to analyze all the source data and offer the best solution to the customer.

Ekotechnik will gladly help you solve all the land allocation issues and implement the project within a reasonable timeframe.

The development will enable both you and your investors to minimize risks and obtain a perfect land plot for SPP construction and operation both in terms of capital investment and technical processes.