The process of any industrial facility construction, including solar power plants, is not restricted to any specific action comprising instead a set of specific and complex work upon quality of which a project success largely depends. The main problem implies importance of coordinating all the processes, otherwise an unplanned downtime and breakdown in work schedule can disrupt the timing while entailing unforeseen difficulties.

General contracting offers a convenient and effective method of solving this problem.

Order supervision: what are the benefits?

Solar power plant construction comprises a range of narrow-profile work assessment of which requires sufficient expertise. In case of lacking experience in this field, the customer will simply be unable to objectively establish the level of work performance.

General contracting 

General contracting implies supervision of each activity type at each stage of construction. Each process is controlled by an appropriate specialist capable of assessing the situation from a professional point of view, while ensuring efficient interaction of units. Since it is the contractor's responsibility for the work results and quality, it is also beneficial for the contractor to have everything done at the highest level while meeting the deadlines set.

The contractor may undertake management of the project as a whole (which is in fact implied by general contracting), or supervise work requiring engagement of narrow focus experts, for example, those involved in performing design or technical and technological processes.

Ekotechnik company has extensive experience in organizing construction of solar power plants and offers general contracting services for solar energetics projects. Our experts streamline all the construction processes as well as interaction thereof, while also taking care of all the technical and organizational issues.