A solar power plant is a fundamental structure with designed to operate for decades. While developing a solar power plant project, it is important to take into account a number of factors that will determine the future productivity of the plant, such as location, selected terrain topography, temperature, weather conditions, etc. All this should be considered at the design stage, otherwise an unforeseen trouble may bring the SPP down for a long period of time.

One of Ekotechnik company lines of activity is design of solar power plants. The experience gained over the years of successful work in the field of solar energetics enables us to act as experts at each stage of SPP design, construction, installation and operation.

The design stage is also important in order to estimate the amount of required investment and reduce investment risks. Typical installation of a solar plant is a standardized process carried out according to a particular technology; whereas quite another thing is to create and place a plant so that it runs to the maximum of its capacity and brings more benefits to the owner.

Professional design for SPP profitable operation

  • A solar power plant is one of the most cost-effective methods of electricity generation in terms of renewable energetics. Financial investments are only required at the construction stage, while afterwards plant operation is absolutely resource efficient and controlled by an automatic system. Technical maintenance of a large commercial SPP can be ensured by a service team of 2-3 people, while, for example, a service team for a hydroelectric plant can consist of a hundred people (to say nothing about traditional power plants), which, of course, results in high costs.
  • The more efficiently a plant is designed at the design stage, the more opportunities you gain not only to ensure power supply to the facility (a house, an agricultural farm, an industrial enterprise), but also to generate electricity to the public network receiving payment at the ‘green tariff’.
  • At this stage it is very important to consider all of the source data and targeted use of the plant. For example, home SPPs are often static, that is, the surface of their panels faces the same direction. This slightly reduces productivity, but the system suffers practically no wear. However, large SPPs are often equipped with special trackers, which turn the panels according to the motion path of the Sun, thus providing higher energy production.

Ekotechnik company is professionally engaged in the implementation of different-scale solar energetics projects. For maximum efficiency of the power system we conduct a profound analysis of all the source data and meticulously design a solar plant project comprising the optimum solution in terms of reliability, performance efficiency and financial costs.