Any project starts with an idea. Those implying use of solar energy are approached in different ways: some see this as a profitable business, while others are willing to gain energy independence or reduce energy costs.

To create a truly efficient and highly performing SPP, it is crucial to analyze the source data and identify the main goals and strategic objectives, which later are to become the project basis. Only the above provided, a solar power plant can prove a reliable and cost-effective solution for both home and business.

To create an effective solution, our experts analyze the basic information from the customer, compare it with the technical and financial capabilities and offer the best option.

In order to provide for maximum efficiency and profitability of the system, Ekotechnik experts perform the following:

  • collect information on energy consumption, operating voltage, suggested location site of the plant and weather conditions in the area
  • calculate total power consumption to determine the required capacity for the current moment and for the future
  • select the optimal solution: a stand-alone, a networking or a hybrid SPP
  • calculate energy production volume and determine the ultimate capabilities of the system
  • consolidate all the data and develop an offer suitable for you

We know how to create an efficient solar power plant providing for significant savings and real benefits. One meticulous investment – and your home or an enterprise becomes for a long time provided with environmentally friendly and, which is most important, free-of-charge solar energy.