The «green tariff» is a preferential tariff enabling ordinary citizens to sell electricity from renewable sources to the state at an inflated price. It is applied by the state as a tool to stimulate development of renewable energetics and attract investment in the industry.

The advantages of this tariff are especially noticeable in the field of solar energetics: investment in SPP creation is only required at the initial stage, whereas after SPP commissioning only minimum resources are required to maintain its stable operation. Roughly speaking, you pay only once while providing yourselves for the next 25 years with an uninterrupted and free-of-charge solar energy supply and the opportunity to sell it to the state.

What is the benefit?

As far as the state is concerned, such a plan is beneficial due to ensuring national energy independence, although gradually. However, all of the equipment for solar energy generation in our country costs a pretty penny, therefore in order to encourage people to use solar energy, the 'green tariff' was legislatively introduced for contributing to shortening the payback period of a power plant to an average of 8 years and making its use more cost-effective.

Thus, the main benefit of SPPs from an economic point of view is precisely that in addition to ensuring power supply of homes, households or businesses, they contribute to gaining profits by selling electricity to the public network. In fact, even those who install solar power plants solely for the purpose of supplying a particular facility, have the opportunity to earn an income by selling surplus electricity.

Moreover, the 'green tariff' is dependent on the euro exchange rate, so even with the currency depreciation the cost of electricity supply to the public network will not go down.

How to obtain the «green tariff»?

The «green tariff» obtaining procedure is to be held after all the work on SPP design and installation has been accomplished, therefore it is worth while considering the plant efficiency in advance.

Pursuant to the Ukrainian legislation, you may connect a 30kW capacity SPP for a private household. The «green tariff» obtaining procedure for private households is currently the simplest option.

Payment of the so-called positive difference (excess of power amount generated to the network over that consumed) is carried out according to the metering data on a monthly basis.