Success of any engineering project greatly depends on the initial stage efficiency. The more accurate and calibrated is the initial plan, the more efficient and effective will the finished system be. This also concerns solar energy projects.

A solar power plant is complex equipment, for efficient operation of which maximum consideration of all the source data is crucial. Firstly, the overall project strategy and objectives are to be identified, while afterwards the best ways to implement them should be determined. Failing meticulous consideration of all the details (such as location, weather conditions, level of competition, financial feasibility, full autonomy of the system or connection to the network, etc.), a solar power project may lose its investment attractiveness.

Ekotechnik company designs and develops solar power plants of any scale, purpose and capacity. We have extensive practical experience in implementation of both autonomous and networking SPP projects from scratch and perfectly understand the importance of design and estimate documentation for commercial success and energy efficiency of the facility.

Milestones and project planning

The higher the solar plant complexity (especially for industrial sites), the greater the need for design and development stage. Complex projects require more focusing on selection of equipment, deployment and integration of the plant with existing facilities (such as buildings, factories, household premises etc.).

Ekotechnik company professionally develops and design solar power plants of any complexity both for home and commercial use. Meticulous project planning by our experts enables you to fully enjoy all the advantages and benefits of using solar energy for electric power supply in Ukraine.