Careful planning and development of a solar power plant project are followed by the main technological stage involving construction and commissioning of the facility. When installing complex engineering structures, such as a SPP, it is very important to follow the technological plan developed in advance, since a do-it-yourself-approach and spontaneity are not welcome here.

Ekotechnik company is professionally engaged in constructing and connecting private solar power plants of different types.

Our professionals have extensive experience in SPP construction. We agree every stage of work with the project documentation while striving to ensure the solar plant is fully consistent with the tasks set by the customer.

Our main objective is to ensure a stable long-term performance and efficiency of the solar power plant.

SPP installation by Ekotechnik experts comprises the following:

  • terrain or surface preparation to installation of solar panels
  • installation of the support structure and the panels
  • connection of converters and controllers
  • fixing communications and connections between the SPP components
  • system testing including: a trial run, adjustment, elimination of minor problems
  • final inspection prior to facility commissioning

A household solar power plant installed in accordance with all the technical rules and design solutions will prove a beneficial and even a profitable solution for electric power supply to the house.